Activate your Device

On Our Website

Go to Manage Device then add a Geiger Counter, or click Here to add a Geiger Counter.
Go back to Manage Device to record the assigned Geiger Counter ID of your added device.
Go to My Profile to record the assigned Account ID or your account.

If you have not registered yet, click Here to sign up for new account.

On Your Device*

You need to enter 4 fields correctly to complete the whole procedure.
2. Password
3. User ID
4. Counter ID

Go to Wifi submenu, then enter the SSID(Your network name) and the Password for your network. Then go to Wifi On/Off to turn on your Wifi. Wait a few seconds until a Connected! popup window shows up. This means your device is now connected to your Wifi network.

Go to Server submenu, then enter the User ID(Your Account ID) and the Counter ID(Your Geiger Counter ID).
If necessary, set the Period(in minute). This is the frequency for uploading data.

Now you can go to History Data in your Device List to check your history data.


If your device is not uploading data automatically with in anticipated time period, double check:

1. Wifi Signal: go to Main Menu, Wifi, Wifi Signal. If the Wifi Signal is weak or the Wifi is not connected, then the device may not upload data successfully.
2. Server: go to Main Menu, Server, Test Connection. If you can not get a Successful popup window, it means your device is not connected to the server.
3. Geiger Counter ID and User ID: make sure you entered correct Geiger Counter ID and User ID.

If the device is still not uploading data correctly, contact us at

*The Wifi feature is only available on models GMC 320+ V5, GMC 500, GMC 500+, GMC 600, GMC 600+ or later.

**If you are using a GMC-600 or GMC-600+, after factory reset, please go to Wifi, Reset Wifi Module, press YES.